“Less is more” does NOT apply when it comes to business continuity

Together we evaluate your specific needs and consider all of your options to ensure the fastest recovery and control regain in case of a ransomware attack or other disaster.

Our Backup options:

  • Offsite Data Backups: we keep a secondary monitored backup of all your data in a secure datacenter location (separate from your primary backup) as an extra layer of protection in case of disaster. Rather than backing up your entire data set every time, we only back up changes made since the last full backup (incremental backups) to save time and storage space and allow you to easily recover specific versions of your data.

  • Virtual Server Backups & Redundancy: we create and monitor a daily remote snapshot of your entire system (including the operating system and all applications) that can be quickly restored in case of a catastrophic failure.

  • MS-365 backups: while the Microsoft 365 policy assures 30 days retention, it does not adhere to the common definition of a backup (a separate copy of the data stored in a separate location) and it does not protect you from accidental deletions that will be replicated. Our Microsoft 365 backup is a monitored solution that will copy the whole content of your Mailbox, Onedrive and Teams to a remote location with 1 year retention.

Cybersecurity is not a one-time patch!

Awareness is the first step to action.