A multi-layered and in-depth cyber defense!

At KeyTech, we provide our customers with a comprehensive 360° cybersecurity suite aimed at permanently identifying their risks and implementing appropriate protective measures on different layers to consistently secure their digital assets in an ever-changing threat landscape.

Our “360°” services include :

Cybersecurity is not a one-time patch. We offer subscriptions with continuous remote security management including :

  • Permanent real time vulnerability scan
  • Threats dashboards monitored by our professionals
  • Reporting of urgent undertaken response actions and further requirements
  • Endpoint security (EDR)
  • Logfiles analysis
  • Updates & patching
  • AI and threat intelligence integration

Covered topics : phishing scams, trojan horses, vulnerability exploits, data theft and data breaches, sniffing, social engineering, privacy invasion, brute force attacks.

Based on the size and needs of the company, we offer 3 variations of our training

  • Mixed training for end-users and IT staff (ranging from 2 hours sessions for a specific topic to 2 days sessions covering all the topics)
  • Comprehensive training for end-users (ranging from 2 hours sessions for a specific topic to 2 days sessions covering all the topics))
  • Technical training for IT staff (ranging from 2 hours sessions for a specific topic to 2 days sessions covering all the topics)

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The goal of our internal audits is to evaluate an organization’s maturity level regarding cyber resilience and to provide prioritized recommendations, ranging from quick wins to achieving full compliance with standards like ISO27001 or NIS2.

The prime goal of the pen tests conducted by our ethical hackers is to detect vulnerabilities, weaknesses and potential entry points that could externally be exploited without insights into the organizations’ architecture in order to evaluate their readiness to defend against the latest cyber threats.

Assess your employees’ vulnerability to sophisticated phishing scams with our realistic and highly customizable simulations.

Monitor the results (reaction time, clicks, …).

Redirect the affected users to micro-learning modules.

Despite all the measures taken, no one can guarantee 100% security, and there must be adequate attention given to a fast disaster recovery in the event of an incident.

With our secured online backup solutions, we make sure that all our company’s data are not only safe but above all promptly recoverable if needed.

Our centralized controllers in the cloud allows us to configure, secure, upgrade and monitor the access points of our customers from a central console, even for our customers with distributed locations.

All our system engineers and developers have been trained to consider security as the highest priority in their interventions according to specific procedures. They are all skilled in the implementations of 2FA, geo-blocking, password manager, data encryption, firewall & VPN rules, DNS security, website security, SQL security, etc.

Footprinting is the fact of collecting data about an enterprise in order to make a targeted cyberattack. Our footprint analysis using well known techniques and tools such as OSINT, google dorking, dark web leaks scanning, … will show you all the information that is exposed on the Internet about your company, your employees and their devices which might be a potential risk for your organization.

Awareness is the first step to action.