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Our Pricing Plan

IT Support

We ensure that your IT services run smoothly with the absolute minimum of down time and that issues are identified before they become major problems.

IT Security

Cybersecurity is not a onetime patch! Our aim is to safeguard the organization’s communications, assets and online activity with a non-stop multilayered defense.

Cloud Monitoring & Alerting

Our monitoring service checks the availability of your infrastructure  24/7/365 and alerts you and our technical staff immediately if it detects anomalies.

Cloud Backup

We propose automated and monitored online backup solutions to keep all your company’s data safe and promptly recoverable in a dedicated and secured storage space in our datacenter.

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Our centralized controllers in the cloud provide SMBs with a 24/7 single point of management for all their access points (APs), even if they have distributed locations.

Web Services

Our designers and developers are used to work closely together to deliver handsome websites and robust web applications, while our high skilled system engineers take care of secured hosting.

Microsoft 365

We help you implement and get the most of Microsoft 365. Dedicated to long-term success, we offer full guidance to ensure reliable end-user adoption, including practical coaching.

SMB in the Cloud

As Clearmedia partner, we can help you moving your whole infrastructure to a secured datacenter of Proximus, including your servers, client desktops and applications.


KeyOffice is the all-in-one CRM & ERP solution for SME’s. Discover the power of this cloud based management software or ask us for a free coaching on its use. We help with initial parametrization.


Though we train people on different IT subjects, we give your people the knowledge and skills they need to feel confident and positively embrace the fast changing digital world.


Being independent of manufacturers, we will find the best possible new or refurbished hardware solutions for your company’s requirements with the best warranty coverage.

Other specific demand

Ask us anything (software, hardware, service, advice, …), we will respond to your demand as soon as possible and we will do our best to provide you a solution that fits your needs.